Information about Native Indian Art Pipes

We are working directly with Native Indian artisans who make different kinds of smoking pipes.

animals pipes

Smoking pipes are taking an important place in culture and art of Native American Indians.

Different animals as well are having important meaning in American culture. Native artisans in mountains of Andes and in jungles of Amazonia are combining two parts of native culture, creating pipes of great shape and forms.

These hand made pipes may be used in their direct sence, such as for smoking, but also they are perfect as gifts or souvenirs.

Choose your favourite pipes from great choise of very different pipes with animals we offer for sale.

american pipe

Amoung animal pipes of different kinds, we also offer rasta (rastafarian) colored pipes, leaf pipe for tobacco, pipes with colored Indian face.

Browse links above and find photos of the samples of pipes, such as elephant pipes, scorpion pipes, leaf pipes, lizard pipes, alligator pipes, monkey pipes, bird pipes, rasta pipes, snake pipes, turtle pipes, tagua pipes.

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